Remote Work Policy

Purpose: At Sapient Software, we believe in fostering an environment that embraces innovation, efficiency, and adaptability. We recognize that great talent is not bound by geographical limitations, which is why we support and encourage remote working.


  1. Hiring Policy: Sapient Software seeks to hire independent, self-driven individuals who have the ability and discipline to work remotely. Applicants should demonstrate an aptitude for autonomous work, time management, strong communication skills, and the ability to stay motivated and productive in a remote work setting.
  2. Remote Work Expectations: All employees are expected to maintain their productivity, meet their job objectives, and continue collaborating effectively with their teams, regardless of their location.
  3. Communication: Remote employees are expected to maintain regular contact with their teams and superiors during business hours through our designated communication channels.
  4. Performance Assessment: As with our onsite employees, the performance of remote employees will be evaluated based on their output, contribution, and adherence to project timelines and objectives.
  5. Professional Development: Sapient Software remains committed to the professional growth of its employees, providing necessary resources and training for continuous improvement, even in a remote setting.

This policy applies to all current and prospective employees of Sapient Software. We firmly believe that our commitment to hiring independent, self-driven remote workers will further enhance our company’s innovation and success.