Sensible Solutions, Sound Judgement

MidJourney image for Sound Judgement and Sensible Design

The speed with which the technology landscape is changing is no real surprise anymore. If you have lived through the dotcom era then you are no stranger to amazing new things.

What is new however is the power that these changes have over affecting our lives. Ten years ago if you had asked me whether artificial intelligence is a threat I would have answered “no”. And I still believe my answer would have been accurate then.

Ask me today and I will say “yes” but I will also qualify my answer by adding that, like any technological breakthrough, it also holds the potential to uplift millions of people from poverty, oppression, and inequality. It is the leverage of the new changes that are far more potent than anything we have seen before.

The image above was generated by an artificially intelligent system. You merely have to give it a few creative words and it will generate an artistic interpretation inspired by your suggested text within a few seconds.

It blows my mind to think about the ways in which a technology like this can change people’s lives.